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clinical informatics

Clinical Informatics

Clinical informatics bridges the gap between computer technology and clinical practices to provide world-class patient care. They integrate nursing science with multiple information and analytical sciences to identify, define, manage and communicate data, information, and knowledge, providing end-users with streamlined, user-friendly technology based on evidence-based practices.

Expert in Clinical Informatics

Definio is an expert in clinical informatics and has a team of clinical nurse informatics specialists with many years of healthcare clinical experience. They use their expertise to solve problems in various domains of healthcare. Clinical informatics encompasses a wide scope of topics ranging from clinical support to decision-making. Our clinical informatics services include clinical documentation of information and order entry systems, system design, implementation and adoption issues. Our experts are not only proficient in EHR, but are highly trained healthcare professionals who are subject matter experts in clinical workflow processes and design. They perform assessments and evaluation of workflows and content to support the deployment of the electronic health record across services. They also understand hospital clinical practices as well as deployment of technology into healthcare environments. In addition, they facilitate business process change and will provide change management consulting to ensure that organizational aspects (i.e. organizational culture, fit, etc.) are addressed as new enabling technologies are implemented.

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