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EHR Training

Whether your top priority is reducing preventable complications or getting patients home the same day, our expert in clinical, business intelligence and population health solutions have the right capabilities to improve efficiency and quality, along with physician and patient satisfaction.


Cerner Powerchart

The Cerner PowerChart electronic medical record system is a family of solutions designed to create an enterprise-wide electronic medical record. PowerChart streamlines workflow processes and improves coordination of care among staff. It offers clinicians with a powerful tool to make informed decisions based on data driven support. Our Informatics nurses’ specialists are expert trainers in Cerner PowerChart functionalities, and understand clinical workflow processes.


Cerner Women's Health

Cerner Women’s Health solutions collect pertinent patient information and integrate it into EHR. Entire pregnancy information is documented in one location with real time display, recording, storage and retrieval of fetal and maternal monitor data.


Cerner FetaLink

When it comes to Labor and Delivery, things happen quickly and constantly. FetaLink gives clinicians a complete view of live maternal and fetal information to allow for better communication among staff for safer and informed decision making. When providers are everywhere but the bedside, FetaLink allows them to actively monitor patients to see mother and baby progress toward labor. At Definio, we provide extensive training on the use of FetaLink, as well as fetal strips reading. Our certified electronic fetal monitoring informaticists (C-EFM) can teach clinicians on fetal strips reading and interpretation for safer decision-making.


Cerner SurgiNet

SurgiNet is a module of Cerner Millennium, designed specifically for surgical usage. SurgiNet perioperative documentation allows surgical services staff members to quickly documents details about surgical cases.


Cerner FirstNet

FirstNet is the Emergency Department application of Cerner. It provides solutions which tracks all details of patient care to be viewed on the tracking Shell.

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