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About Us

We just don't provide technology solutions, we help you thrive with the right innovation.

We provide IT support and services, clinical informatics, IT and health consulting, web support services, software, and application development.

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From the world of ideas to reality, we bring technology to life and make a difference in millions of people’s lives—to them and to us.

The Owners

Samantha Luttrell

President, CEO, and Co-founder

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Samantha is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Definio and supports the company through strategic planning and operations management. Originally from Gabon, Samantha came to the United States as an international student and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of the District of Columbia. She worked as a Registered Nurse for over 10 years, devoting her life to serving others. Combining her passion for technology and healthcare, Samantha later obtained a master’s degree in Nursing Informatics at Walden University and worked as a Clinical Nurse Informatics Specialist where she analyzes, designs, implements, and evaluates information and communication systems to improve patient outcomes. She also obtained a leadership certificate from Harvard University, and has a  certification in Project Management Professional (PMP)®. Apart from excelling professionally, Samantha has devoted herself to financially support nonprofit organizations whose vision is to fight poverty and hunger in children worldwide.  


Jason Luttrell

Vice President of Operations and Co-founder

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Jason Luttrell is the chief of operations and co-founder of Definio, and the driving force behind Drupal and web application development. He supports the company through digital technology and programming where he focuses on information technology and project management. Jason has a communications degree from Andrews University. He began his career over 20 years ago as a web developer where he learned over 6 programming languages. Since then he has become PMP certified and has been the recipient of numerous awards for successful contributions to projects. After a successful career in private sector contracting and programming, Jason saw how project teams struggled to get organized, and failed to retain the knowledge gained after project completion. He was inspired to help launch Definio with a mission of empowering businesses with IT solutions and a web development team to provide superior technical consulting and project management expertise to its clients.

Meet  the team


Taher Jodhpurwala

Technical Lead of Drupal

Taher Jodhpurwala

Taher has extensive experience in working on Drupal and other web-based projects. He began his journey as a full-stack Drupal engineer to then focus on front-end related technologies and delivering more than 25 web-based projects for NGOs, educational institutions, Fortune 100, and medium-size companies. Taher has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering and is an Acquia Certified Front-End Specialist and Site Studio Site Builder. He has worked with a variety of customers in a fully distributed environment along with mentoring his team members. He actively volunteers in his local community and organizes and presents at Drupal events. He is an active runner and swimmer and relishes reading books and traveling in his time away from work.


Tanesha Rose-Reese

Operations Manager

Tanesha Rose-Reese

Tanesha is an ambitious and dedicated professional with 10 years of experience providing comprehensive human resources and administrative support to senior and executive directors. Her expertise lies in coordinating and leading administrative and operational functions for CEOs and COOs, senior-level staff, and department directors. Backed by superior communication and multitasking capabilities, she excels at providing exceptional organizational and time-management skills, driving optimal office efficiency and success. Tanesha received a degree in information technology with an advanced certificate in database administration in 2018.

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Jeziel Maglangit

UX/Marketing Designer

Jeziel Maglangit

​With over 5 years of working in the digital world, Jeziel combines SEO and graphic and web design skills to not only reach the right audiences but also to make the experience of the user easier, efficient, and enjoyable. While focusing on the user experience to engage the right audiences, Jeziel has learned to do video editing, social media campaigns, creating engaging and user-friendly web designs.

Our Clients

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